Enhancing air Intakes, engine kits & exhaust Components.

We are now offering 0% finance available on all Parts, Accessories & Fitting, so there has never been a better time to upgrade your ride. We've got custom experts in-store on hand ready to help with any dreams you've got in the pipeline for your ride or if you know exactly what your bike needs to make it unique just give us a call to get booked in. We've come up with a few of our own performance upgrade ideas that have been popular recently to give you some inspiration. Contact us today to upgrade your Harley-Davidson.

Performance Parts

More is what you’ll Get.

Screamin’ Eagle® Stage upgrades offer complete street-compliant performance configurations engineered to generate specific torque and horsepower gains. Eliminating all the guesswork and trial-and-error testing normally associated with engine modifications, Stage upgrades include everything you need to enhance your bike’s performance. You can start with key components that give you a bump in power right now, add components as time and budget permits, or you can go for it all at once.



The easiest and most cost-effective step to improve your motorcycle’s performance is to increase the air flow into and out of the engine. A high-flow air cleaner and system-matched slip-on mufflers provide horsepower and torque improvements you can feel throughout the RPM range, and serve as the core components for all performance upgrades. ECM calibration is required to tune the fuel flow and timing required to accommodate the improved air flow. Stage I upgrade can be installed without engine disassembly. No special tools are required. Requires ECM tuni



Adding performance cams to a Stage I equipped bike is the next step to improved performance. Cam choices allow you to tailor the engine’s performance to your specific needs. A torque cam offers on-demand throttle response from low- to mid-RPM at cruising speed. A power cam targets high-rpm, wide-open throttle response that keeps pulling right up to the redline. ECM calibration tuning is required to accommodate the increased valve timing, and performance valve springs may be required for high-lift cams. Stage II upgrade requires minor engine disassembly to replace the cam. Special tools and ECM tuning are required.

2017 & Later Touring Models Stage 1 (example package)

Including Screamin’ Eagle 4.5” Street Cannons, Air Filter, Super Tuner & Fitting

Total Cost Deposit Duration Monthly payment Representative APR
£1,439.18 £0 3 Months £479.73 0% APR