You should find an answer to every question you are likely to have regarding Harley-Davidson motorcycle rentals from Sycamore’s below. If not, please email us your question and we will be happy to help you.

Q. How long does a day's hire last?

A day's hire is 24 hours, so if you collect your rental at 9am on Monday, it will be due for return by 9am Tuesday. 

Q. What if I don't need the bike for a whole day?

Sorry, the minimum hire period is 24 hours. If you need the bike for a few hours over the 24 hour period you will need to buy an extra day.

Q. Can I carry a pillion?

Yes, although they ride with you at their own risk.

Q. What are the licence requirements to book a Harley-Davidson rental?

Do ride you need a full clean "A" motorcycle licence and have riding experience for at least 2 years on a motorcycle above 250cc.

Q. Is there an excess on the Insurance?

Yes, the excess is £500.

Q. I'm travelling to the UK, can I still rent even if I don't have a UK license?

Yes, many of our clients are from overseas. Just bring your valid motorcycle license, passport and credit card.

Q. What if I have an accident?

All of our rentals are insured for the duration of the hire period. Although accidents are rare, unfortunately they do sometimes happen. In the event of damage to the bike you will be charged up to an excess of £500. 

Q. How old are the bikes you rent?

All of the bikes on our rental fleet are current model year bikes with low mileage. All of our bikes are stock.

Q. I want to rent a bike for a friend, is this possible?

Yes, our gift vouchers are a great gift to give! Just call us and we'll arrange it. The voucher lasts for 12 months and the recipient can just call us and book a date anytime in that 12 month period.

Q. Can I take the bike abroad?

This must be done in advance to the rental as a GREEN CARD needs to be applied for from the Insurance Company and a £20 per week charge

Q. What if we have a breakdown?

Mechanical breakdowns are very rare, however all of our bikes have free breakdown recovery to the nearest authorised Harley-Davidson dealership.

Q. I do not have a British licence. Can I still rent?

Yes, we accept most foreign licences but as a non-UK licence holder you will be charged a £20 per day premium.

Q. What documents do I have to provide?

You need to bring your driving licence and know your NI number, also bring your credit card and a utility bill confirming the address of your licence.

In June 2015 the paper counterpart of the photo licence was abolished, and information about penalty points (endorsements) will be checked - with your permisson - online. For this, you will need as identification your National Insurance number. You can check your data here:

Q. I have never ridden a Harley-Davidson, will the controls be explained to me?

Of course, the controls, looks and Smart Security System will be explained to you.

Q. Will the bike be fuelled?

Yes, your tank will be full, and we expect the bike to be returned with a full tank. There are refuelling stations next to our dealership.

Q. Do you provide helmet and gloves?

We recommend you bring your own helmet and gloves for comfort, as we only have a limited number of helmets for loan.