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Tue, 20 Dec 2016

Battle of The Kings 2017

New year, new metal?

Whether it’s slimming down or beefing up, we have everything you need to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution in 2017 and our way makes for far more interesting conversation than the usual January diet talk.

We find the best and most exciting way to update your look is to customise your metal, and with January 14th & 15th being the when we reveal our entry for the third instalment of the annual Battle of the Kings custom contest, we’re sure we’ll be able to provide you with some inspiration for your unique creation. 

All 30 Dark Custom bikes are unveiled next month and the public voting begins to see which five make it to the final for a judges' vote at the MCN London Motorcycle Show in February. So why not pop in to see how our metal measures up and get some inspiration for your own New Year project. 

We’ll be posting some sneak peeks of our custom beauty on social media, so make sure you follow us by clicking here to be the first to see the potential 2017 Battle of the Kings winner!