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Thu, 27 Jul 2017

DirtQuake 2017 & Harley-Davidson - coming soon to a TV near you1

DirtQuake 2017 - the UK's flat track racing spectacle of the year - took place at King Lynn's Adrian Flux Stadium over Saturday and Sunday (8-9 July 2017) and was a phenomenal event that ensured thrilling entertainment for both riders and spectators alike. For those who didn't catch all the DirtQuake action, can do so tonight on ITV2 (Freeview ch24) at 8:00 pm.

With an entry list that populated every group and genre of flat track racing, the DirtQuake event - sponsored by Harley-Davidson®, provided both serious and fun racing of the flat track variety, followed by a whole host of festivity for the finalists and winners with smiles and beers for everyone else who took part.

The biggest class of motorcycles thatç, encompassing the speedway arena, paddock and the air surrounding Kings Lynn with the raw sound of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. While all participants of the Harley® class proved to be a crowd-winners regardless of race position, Tim Neave from Lincolnshire went on to amaze spectators with his flat track masterclass on his Street Rod® and won the class final.

A selection of specialist media from the UK, Nordic regions and Benelux states – most of who had never raced a flat track let alone heard of DirtQuake, entered the Harley class and managed to unleash the full power of the Street Rod®. Quickly learning the art of inducing front and rear wheel slides whilst getting to know the flat tracks, we can safely say they returned home to relay their glorious experience in words and images to their respective websites, magazines and blogs.

The Hooligan Class which also ran at the DirtQuake, holding all types of two-wheelers regardless of engine capacity, provided a host of interesting racing as they went head to head, as did the host of competitor dressed in fancy dress, along with the selection of cobbled together machines and colour schemes.

To relive this exhilarating event if you went or to discover what makes the UK's best fun-filled racing spectacle,  watch DirtQuake Motorcycle Festival, 8:00 pm, on ITV4 (Freeview ch24).